Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The Young Enthusiast Jude Vishal Krishnan to make Green

Jude Vishal Krishnan is Qatar Based Young Indian Entrepreneur and social activist. Now he is busy with Go Green Project. Jude Vishal Krishnan started his activist career in his childhood, helping the need ones. Jude was aware of the world around him from an early age. He was greatly moved by the sight of orphaned children and helpless men and women. He always wanted to help them and give them a helping hand.


We are residing a lifestyle of consumerism. We used most of our time in our office to get factor that we don’t require but we want. And modifying that viewpoint of residing is following to difficult. What we will do is decrease the side results of our lifestyle on earth so that we have a position to live the next day. Being a Green Citizen is anything that is in our hand. We can do it at house and we can even do it in our office. Company and worker both have to go side in hand to implement these apply and process will be able to help world air a much better air. Here are some ideas on how to go about it.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Jude Vishal Krishnan, supports the homeless and the aged.

Indian based youngster Jude Vishal Krishnan  supporting aged and homeless  peoples. Social worker at heart, Jude Vishal Krishnan juggles many roles with one purpose: to do some good, provides food and shelter to the displaced and elderly, Jude Krishnan says it was the struggle for a square meal in his childhood that was the spark that has now grown into a flame.